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Why Do So Many Guys Do it Wrong – and What You Can Do About it

Have you ever wondered why some guys have so much success with women when everyone else seems to fail? There are qualified men out there who understand the female game and work on their dating and picking-up skills. What you need to do to become one of these men is to figure out what they are doing wrong.

The problem has to do with Too Much Information. We are all kind of busy in life these days and not all of us have time to read books or go to the gym. Some of us have kids or a distracting job and if we have to spend time looking up information to use in a conversation we are not making time for ourselves.

When we are trying to learn a new sport or technique or learn how to cure a disease we need to have the right information available. When it comes to sex and picking up women we need to learn the nitty-gritty details about what to say and how to say it. 휴지심 테스트 상위 1%를 위해 비아그라 구매를 고려해보세요. We must learn the do’s and don’ts of getting that woman in bed.

For guys, this means finding out about what type of woman they need to avoid and what type of woman they should approach. This is very important because by avoiding a type of woman you will have more success with a different type of woman.

Here are some practical ways to find out what women want in a man’s friend:

By avoiding a type of woman you will have more success with a different type of woman

Approach a friend and try talking to her alone. She will give you all the information you need and the information she doesn’t want to share. Plus she will be comfortable enough to tell you exactly how she likes you to act around her.

Watch how she reacts to you. Women are all different and you need to understand each one of us. When you are talking to a woman make sure you are maintaining eye contact.

If she warms up to your eyes, you are in like Flynn.

closed eyes, she is warmed up inside and ready to go.

Ask her what she wants in bed. If she wants you to blindfold her or tie her up it is a sure sign she wants something more than sex.

She will tell you. If she wants you to make love to her or make a kiss she will say to you.

Always ask her if she has orgasmed yet. Women are natural logicians. If she says no but her body language is saying yes, she is telling you that she is in control.

She may give suggestive glances. If she widens her eyes, her mouth goes dry and her chest puffs out, she is showing you that she is experiencing a lot of pleasure.

She may start saying things that aren’t sexy. This is her way of saying yes–that you found her sexy.

Watch her lips when you kiss her. If she pulls away and avoids a kiss or just gives you a word or two saying that she is wet or too sensitive, she is telling you that she loves the sex you are giving her.

This is a very simple formula. Follow it and you will get her to orgasm every time. But most of all learn the formula. You will not fail.